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Dental Xrays in RigbyRegular dental care plays an important role in a person’s general health and quality of life. Damaged teeth may become less efficient for chewing food, potentially resulting in malnutrition over time. Recent studies have also found links between poor oral health and heart disease. In addition, dental disfigurement can cause social problems and lower self-esteem. Here are some of the options available from Bright Side Dental for Rigby residents who want to look and feel their best.

Teeth Cleaning RigbyTeeth cleaning is an important part of any oral health regimen. While tooth brushing and flossing should be performed daily, regular cleanings from a dentist are essential for keeping teeth and gums healthy in the long term. A dental cleaning appointment at Bright Side Dental gives the dentist a chance to look for signs of gum disease, decay and oral cancers so patients can pursue early treatment if necessary. The professional teeth-cleaning equipment at the dentist’s office can clear plaque and decay-causing bacteria from the mouth, providing a strong foundation for the patient’s regular home dental routine. Rigby teeth cleaning is also valuable for eliminating discoloration from foods or tobacco use and can polish teeth for an attractive shine. When you visit Bright Side Dental we perform regular Oral Cancer Screenings as a part of your regularly scheduled dental cleanings.

Complete Checkup

Professional teeth cleaning in Rigby, Idaho is available at Bright Side Dental from an expert dentist. Most individuals make sure to brush teeth thoroughly to remove debris that leads to sticky plaque. However, even with excellent oral care each day and evening at home, teeth at the back of the mouth may have tartar. In addition, a dentist in Rigby, Idaho can also remove hardened tartar that develops between closely positioned teeth or below the gumline. Patients scheduling an appointment with a Rigby dental practice are also going to receive a complete checkup to determine the health of the oral cavity.

Thorough Examinations

Rigby Teeth CleaningHaving dental examinations twice a year is the best way to find problems such as small cavities. While a patient is having a thorough teeth cleaning in Rigby, Idaho, the dentist is also checking for issues such as gingivitis and misaligned teeth. Additional parts of the face and body checked by a dental professional include the jawbone and neck. A dentist may notice other health issues including a clicking noise in the jaw joint that indicates temporomandibular joint disorder. This progressive condition of the jaw often causes patients to have difficulty chewing or bruxism while sleeping.

Medical Imaging

A Rigby dental practice can also use medical imaging results to determine if a patient needs braces to correct a poor bite. Adult dental patients are often unaware that teeth have shifted in the mouth leading to poor alignment that makes eating food difficult. A child will also benefit from visiting a dentist in Rigby, Idaho for routine examinations. A dentist or hygienist is often able to show a youngster better ways to care for teeth to avoid bad breath, gum disease and cavities. If a child or adult’s teeth require straightening, then computer software can show patients how teeth will improve with particular types of braces.

Plaque Removal

Rigby Dental CareAfter arriving at Bright Side Dental for a teeth cleaning in Rigby, Idaho, a patient will complete paperwork for office staff before the examination. A dental assistant or hygienist leads a patient to an examination room where a dentist will use instruments to remove plaque and tartar from teeth. Part of the procedure may involve removing hardened material that has developed under the gumline or between teeth. Removing tartar and plaque improves the appearance of a patient’s teeth while helping to prevent gum disease and dental root infections.


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