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Dr. Ben Dansie

While serving a mission for his church in Iowa City, Dr. Ben Dansie was exposed to dental students and was drawn to the field of dentistry. Upon returning, Ben earned an associates degree from BYU-Idaho and his Bachelors Degree in Zoology from Idaho State University. He went on to study dental medicine at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio and received his DMD in 2007.

"I had a very broad lifestyle growing up, everything from herding sheep to being involved in every sport known. As an adolescent, I worked in the construction industry, farming, ranching and the education system. I have always had an appreciation for every “walk of life”, which I attribute to my parents and experiences growing up. When I am not at the office I love to spend time with my amazing wife and three kids. We run all over the area from game to game! If I can expose my children to the experiences I had growing up, I will feel it a success.

Through my experiences I have grown an appreciation for dentistry and what we do to help people with pain, overall health and nutrition, and their confidence. I love to meet and associate with people and learn about their passions, hobbies, families, successes, and struggles.

The community of Jefferson County and surrounding areas have been extremely supportive of me and my family. I feel it a great pleasure and honor to be able to serve the great people in this area."


Dr. Thane Hepworth

Dr. Thane Hepworth is a local to the area. He grew up in Rexburg, and later moved to Sugar City where he graduated high school. Thane received his Bachelors degree in Biology from BYU-I and moved to Minneapolis, MN where he received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. After time in South Dakota where Thane continued to learn and perfect dental techniques, he is excited to finally be back home.

"I know the value of hard work, having worked through high school and undergrad as a tire buster in my dad's tire store. I like participating and playing in various sports, especially baseball. I'm glad to be back in the mountains where I can hit the slopes and teach my kids to snowboard. My favorite thing to do in my free time is just spend time with my wife and four kids.

I have loved my time at Bright Side Dental and will continue to always provide the best quality care I can for my patients!"

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