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For individuals looking for bridge work in Rigby, there is no better company to turn to than Bright Side Dental. A family owned and operated business, Bright Side Dental provides all the services someone could possibly need, from the standard checkup to fillings. There’s no need to take long trips to far away towns in order to get the work taken care of; Rigby, Idaho residents trust their dental care to a local dentist, and so should visitors. Whether it’s an accidental chip from biting something that was just a bit too hard to a full-on dental emergency, it can be handled. Even complicated procedures like bridge work can be taken care of. With a friendly atmosphere that puts even the most nervous visitors at easy, Bright Side Dental is the best practice around.


Teeth Whitening in RigbyWhen the trauma is present, teeth are misaligned or root-canal treated, the treatment plan may include placement of the crowns. These cosmetic restorations refurbish the functionality of the mouth and often improve the patient’s smile. Sturdy and durable, the crowns can last for decades with proper oral care at home.

With today’s technology many variations of materials are available to fabricate a crown. Within the anterior regions of the mouth, porcelain jacket crowns are often chosen due to the superb aesthetics perfectly matching the hue and the shape of the surrounding teeth. Within the posterior areas of the mouth, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are typically chosen as they provide additional strength and sturdiness during mastication (chewing). Crown work in Rigby is always tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

At Bright Side Dental, we offer Same Day Crowns. Our state of the art technology allows our patients to schedule one visit only to take care of any crowns needed. At Bright Side Dental, you will find the best solutions available. Learn more about this amazing solution on our Same Day Crowns page available at Bright Side Dental in Rigby.


For more information on dentures, call us today at (208) 745-1911.


Genetic predispositions, rampant caries, medical issues or trauma often are the result of premature tooth loss. There are presently many venues to replace missing teeth including partial dentures which can be fabricated quickly at a low cost.

Teeth missing within the anterior region of the mouth are often replaced with a partial device frequently called “the flipper”. This type of appliance is made entirely of acrylic materials and is meant to temporarily replace any missing dentition until the healing time is completed after extractions, and the patient is ready to receive any permanent restorations such as implants, crowns or bridges. It may also serve as a transient replacement for young adults who have experienced tooth loss until their dentition is fully developed.

Rigby partial dentistry methods provide various ways of tooth replacement including permanent partial dentures lasting for many years. The appliances improve speech patterns, mastication and aesthetics. In addition, any adjacent tooth migration is alleviated allowing the patient to retain their natural smile line.


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